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Website Design For "ALL" Budgets

TropicalCluster is a webdesign & development company from India, dedicated to providing small business, startups & organizations with high quality professional web site design at a competitive price. You could save up to 30 % when you outsource to India.

Our integrated approach in designing websites and providing services from simple brochure sites to e-commerce solutions & WordPress content management system all under one roof means our wide expericence helps in creating, rich seamless quality output.

Whether you need a new website presence, website redesign, restructuring, or upgrade of the current one, TROPICALCLUSTER can do it. Click here to download our website planner.

We have a team of website designers who are expert in HTML5, CSS3, UI design and website developers who are expert in WordPress design, Joomla, jQuery, PHP, MySQL.
Our websites are built from scratch with an emphasis on: Understanding your business requirements, target audience, search engine optimization, valid HTML/CSS, aesthetics, cross-browser compatibility and accessibility, usability.

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html5, css3, php, MySql, Wordpress

Features Of Our Website Design

custom design Our Websites are designed from scratch using industry proven design techniques, semantic web site layout standards & latest website development technology.

custom designWe follow W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards, which results in consistent webpage design across browsers & faster uploads.

custom design We test your website design on multiple browsers such as Internet explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

custom design We design sites to be search engine friendly resulting in your site being indexed accurately, helping website rankings & traffic generation.

custom design We offer content management system (CMS) in WordPress, Joomla as well pocket friendly custom CMS suitable for small websites.

custom design We incorporate coding so that You can monitor your website and get detailed visitor analysis. This helps you fine tune your website.

Website Design Price

If you already own a business or have thought about a suitable domain name, then click here, to quickly check for its availability by entering its name and selecting an appropriate extension.


Website Cost = Domain cost + Web Hosting cost + copywriting + Home Page Design + Design of all inside pages + Graphics - Stock photo or media purchase + Programming (only if applicable).

Folks, Please contact us for best quote. The pricing may vary a lot depending upon hosting service provider, domain, no of pages, nature of content, content design complexity etc.

Click here to read more about tentative web site pricing rates, hosting services etc

Click here
to read brief article on website design process.

We encourage clients to discuss & understand the process at the onset, so that the nitty grities of their ideas are appropriately translated into their website application.

Online Shopping Store

Is your business still confined to store on the street?. Are you baffled by commercial rentals that is limiting your business ideas?. Its high time to think of an online store.


An online shopping store can help you to introduce your business venture to worldwide audience and sell products easily in a hassle free manner. An 24/7 online store can help you grab business opportunities and add to your success story.


Its not only enough to have an attractive online shopping website, it should also facilitate buyers with easy payment options as well as take care of security concerns. A robust backend that takes care of shipping, tax, inventory management are the key to successful online store.


Our team has the experience and skill set to develop customized shopping carts keeping in mind all the above factors. Our development solutions are not only aimed at attracting visitors but also in giving confidence to visitors in making purchase decesions.


Click here to take a quick look on, to see "How to plan for a shopping cart to sell tangible goods". The slides tells you about 11 things that you need to think, to get started.

What Is Search Engine Optimization

Do you want visitors to find your website during search? Then you need to pay attention here. Its not enough to host a web site which is a hotchpotch content assembled from company flyer or brochures. We need to create semantic website design layout structure that search engines can understand. Search engine optimization is a process that follows the best practices to make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and understand your content. We follow and keep ourself update to the latest search engine methodologies to design & deliver the best.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important

Give us 2 min. of your time. Check for yourself in Google trends. This is a website that shows your trends based on what people are searching.

google trend for search engine optimization vs website design

The Chart above shows comparison for search "SEO (Search Engine Optimization)" as compared to search for "Website Design" worldwide.

What you notice is that the trend for search engine optimization is increasing phenomenally compared to website design. In fact website design shows a declining trend. Why so?. The reason is simple, businesses have started realizing that its not enough to just host a site and expect results. A good website design has to be built intelligently and should be Search engine optimized (SEO). Here is a quick check that you can do yourself:

  1. Has you website developer included Meta data that the search engines can see and accordingly categorize your site?
  2. Has the website developer taken care to write a copy that is semantic. Meaning has the copy been written in a way that a search engine can understand it?
  3. Has your website developer spent time understanding your business to include text copy that reflects the usage of appropriate keywords that relate to your business.
  4. Have you and your website developer researched, so as to use the most appropriate images, video, animations, charts so that visitor can quickly get a grasp of your services and your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
  5. Has your website been registered on most common search engines?
  6. Do you have visitor tracking code installed in your web pages?

Irrespective of the website size we incorporate all of the above mentioned for all our website design orders.

You are welcome for a no obligation discussion. MAIL US TODAY!!

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Internet offers a level playing field unlike any other media. Internet is also the cheapest media to advertise your services. The growth has been phenomenal, check figures from internet world stats below

Click here to check internet penentration on the world map. Browsing has moved from desktop computers to Smartphone and Tablets. As of Jan 2016, mobile share of web traffic stood at 38 percent.

Is your website ready for Mobiles?. We create responsive websites that resize automatically depending on device being used. Contact Us today to convert your existing site to responsive website.

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