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WordPress Design & Development

A well designed website can become a part of your marketing strategy. But to keep it in tune with your business, you need to update it regularly. Your website should reflect the latest changes in your products, services or business strategy. If spending on regular maintenance is preventing you from doing the above, then we have solution. What if there was an easy way by which you could do the changes yourself? This is possible. Thanks to WordPress CMS (Content Management Systems), that is now widely used by businesses to manage online content inhouse.

One of the biggest CMS in terms of sites created and usage is WordPress, an open source based Blog & CMS platform. Though it started as blog platform, it has moved from being just a blogging platform to a fully featured, easy to use, powerful, and flexible Content Management System used by over 55 million sites worldwide. Check the stats yourself at WordPress Stats.

WordPress is the web Content Management System (CMS) of choice at TROPICALCLUSTER. Our company is based in Pune, India. We develop CMS based websites using WordPress because we believe that WordPress is the most scalable, customizable, cost-effective, and easily manageable CMS on the web for small, medium, as well as large-scale websites. The list of reasons and benefits to powering your website with WordPress is extensive.

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Why Design In WordPress

WordPress is free.

No upfront, monthly, or annual fees. Supported by hosts. Easy upgradation when a new release is made available.

Flexible and Powerful

Along with blogs it is also used to easily create a complete website, a portfolio gallery, an e-commerce site and much more.

Vast Library of Plugins

Think of it and you will find a plugin that already exists.....many of them free.

Easy to use Media Library

You can easily maintain all your graphics easily in the media library.

WordPress Community

You can easily find support for queries at WordPress forum, by WordPress community.

Easy to use Visual Editor

You can update web pages as in Microsoft word, without any programming knowledge.

Search engine ready

Its features guide a search engine through the posts, pages, and categories to help the search engine crawl site.

Look at the Google trends

As of Jan 2014, 25 percent of all CMS sites are made in WordPress.

WordPress Website Design Price

At the onset, designing a WordPress website requires experienced PHP programming skills compared to plain vanilla HTML/CSS based website design. WordPress sites are theme based and bespoke themes need to be programmed in PHP & designed according to requirements. There are many free plugins that are available to add functionality to your wordpress site. Please discuss your requirement & we will advice you the best possibilities. Please click here to check the ballpark prices. Do contact us for optimized pricing solution (no obligation), as depending on your requirement the actual price can vary on either side.

How does WodPress make changing content easy for you

If you look at the WordPress editor snapshot above, you see familiar editing icons. Thus, if you know how to use Microsoft Office, you can easily work with Wordpress. Not only can you change content in pages but you will be able to add/remove pages, add/remove menu bar links too. Click here and read it in our blog.

Ecommerce Shopping Carts

WordPress has suitable environment for creating responsive shopping cart websites. We provide WordPress based shopping cart design & development using WooCommerce, Shopify, Easy Digital Downloads, WP e-Commerce. All of these are mature products. They are all supported by many free and paid plugins that extra functionality such as multi-vendor, vendor commission, customized shipping, product management, payment gateway integration etc. All of them support WordPress visual editor that makes it easy for startups to maintain them without any knowledge of programming.

Click here to take a quick look on, to see "How to plan for a shopping cart to sell tangible goods". The slides tells you about 11 things that you need to think, to get started.

Please contact us regards your requirement. Please send us the following information for quote -

  1. Type of products - Digital or Tangible goods.

  2. No of products, variations such as color, sizes etc.

  3. Pricing options such a bundled purchases, discounts etc.

  4. Sngle vendor or multi-vendor.

  5. Shipping requirements.

  6. Tax calculations.

  7. Payment gateway integration - Paypal or Merchant account.


Mobile is going to be the primary driver for e-commerce web design in 2016. As more online retailers seek to provide a good mobile shopping experience, expect to see a significant number of site redesigns in 2016.

Website designs that adapt to smartphone and tablet screen sizes called Responsive designs, have already been a trend in e-commerce site design. They will to continue to grow in popularity, allowing online sellers to provide a good shopping experience regardless of the device a shopper is using.


We will get in touch with you within 24 hrs and discuss any queries that we may have. Once we understand your requirements, we will mail you our best quote in 24 hrs.

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