Website hosting

Understanding three types of web hosting solutions offered –

Shared hosting

If you are a small business with relatively small number of visitors or no online sales, then shared website hosting is for you. Website hosting companies that focus on smaller businesses provide shared Website hosting. They are able to give very competitive prices as they host lots of Internet sites on a single server. This makes is typically affordable (under USD 10 per month)

Virtual Private Server

If you run an online business with hundreds of visitor per day, you might want to get a web host that provides a Virtual Private Server (VPS), where your website sits by itself virtual server and won’t have other clients. Here many sites may share the same physical server, but its functionally equivalent to a separate computer. The idea behind this is sharing resources efficiently. Studies have revealed that, hosting sites tend use computer resources in a “bursts”. Meaning hosting sites for a short periods demanding fast-as-possible response to requests. But after usage long duration’s of inactivity follows. The resources during this period are used by other web hosts on the same server. This  is all taken care by virtualization software, which create virtual servers. Each virtual server can run its own operating system and can be booted separately.

Dedicate website hosting

This is the most costliest and is recommended for for those who have a high traffic, such as eCommerce site that’s doing 1000′s of dollars of business every month.

The other types of hosts which are for specialized use are Cloud hosting & Grid hosting.

Check the list below. Most of the web hosting services provide all of the three types mentioned above.



Indian web hosts

US & Canada web hosts

UK web hosts

Australian web hosts

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Environment friendly web hosts

Green web hosting is great for obvious reasons – with the backing of a respectable green web host, you can feel good about your role in saving the earth, since green web hosts use alternative / renewable energy to power their datacenters, plant trees, recycle waste.

Free web hosts

There are still some web hosts who have managed to survive the dot com burst. If some of you are thinking on experimenting or are on a shoe string budget, these web hosts are a good place to start without having to spend a single penny. In making the list I selected those who had:

  1. access to a control panel for easier web management
  2. the latest version of MySQL and PHP (at least not too old)
  3. FTP access to upload and delete files
  4. the ability to host our own domain

Please take care about the free factors. Most of the time, free is not really free. Some services offer free hosting with ads, some take forever for the activation process, some others require users to make a minimum number of posts in some forum before becoming eligible for the service. The ones that we are looking for are “as free as possible”. The list is compiled from peer recommendations and recommendations from comparisons found on other web sites.

For better features, larger disk space, monthly data transfer (bandwidth), access to customer service and technical support, and peace of mind, you should go and get yourself a paid web hosting service.