Display Excel in WordPress using Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive web app lets you easily display a Excel document in wordpress. It will even let visitors change the values in the cell and reflect the changes if formula has been used for calculations. Here is an example below. You can click the values and change them, the change will be reflected in the total.

All of this can be done in few easy steps.

1. You will need a microsoft account to login to microsoft one drive account. Here is the link.


2. Once logged in, click on OneDrive, in the upper left hand.

microsoft one drive
3. You will see icons for different types of Microsoft Office file types. Select Excel Online.

microsoft one drive - excel

4. Create a spreadsheet

microsoft onedrive excel online

5. To share this excel spreadsheet, Click on the File menu item and select Share > Embed.


6. Clicking on Embed, shows you a screen with options to select from. As you can see below, you can customize the Appearance and Interaction. So you could even let users edit cells with their values. The formulas would reflect the changes. So your excelsheet could be made interactive. You can control the amount of sheet displayed by setting the height & width option.

microsoft onedrive excel online microsoft onedrive - share -

7. One you are finished with the optimization, you can copy the code in the Embed Code window. Go to wordpress editor. Select the text tab and paste the code. That is all there to it. Check the preview now.

embed code


The same code can be applied to used in any HTML file too.