Calculator on your website or WordPress page/post

Lets say you are a financial consultant and want to quickly embed calculators for investment, mortgage, retirement planning or tax in your website.
Would it not be great to be able to do so without having to
pay for the cost of programming. YOU CAN DO THIS & FOR FREE.


Its a site with comprehensive collection of calculators & converts not just for people in finanace but also for engineers, medical professionals, dieticians & even for those working in pure science. Here is a brief listing.

Accountancy Algebra Calculus Calendar
Budget Calculators Algebra Calculators Differentiation Calculators Date and Day Calculator
Finance Calculators Matrix Calculations Integration Calculators Event Calendar
Mortgage Calculator Numbers   Zodiac Calculators
Tax calculators      


Charts and Graphs Conversions Geometry Health
Charts Color Converters Analytical Geometry Health Calculator
Graphs Hexa, Decimal, Binary Conversions Area Calculators Medical Calculators
  Unit conversions Shapes Calculators
Math Dictionary
  Currency Converters Trigonometry calculators  


Mind Twist Others Statistics calculators Science
Funny Math Love Calculator Mathematical Geometry Theorems Bandwidth Calculator
Puzzles Others Tutorials Chemistry Calculators
Vedic Maths Sports Calculators Download Calculators Engineering Calculators
  Weather Excel Operations Research
    FAQs Physics Calculators
    Math Facts  

Embedding the calculator on your site – This is very easy, follow the steps.

1. Select the calculator that you want to add.

2. Click on the + icon, and you will be required to specify the WIDTH & HEIGHT of the area in your website page where you want to insert the calculator.

3. Click on GET  CODE

code height

4. Paste the code in your website page. (For accurate formatting, insert the code inside a DIV – html tag container). The same code can be inserted in your wordpress page too.