git and gitlab tutorial for begineers

This is a list of commands to be executed when using github. This is still blog in progress, but sharing it so my colleagues could benifit. I will be making it more descriptive as time permits, so it will be easy for a beginner. Please bear with me for some more time.

git init
git add files
git status (green indicate files are added for staging)
open text file. Make changes.
when making changes new line is required.
modified files shows red.
gif add .
git status
file is shown green
git commit -m “added a second line”

(change font size – go to upper left corner, select lucida console, font size)

setting remote repository

go to
click on net project
give project name same as your directory name in local
namespace – sachinwalvekar
description – testing git commands for the first time
visibility level – private

add ssh key – its related to machine

click on ssh help page
follow the instructions
check if ssh already on system by running the command – cat ~/.ssh/
go to gitbash
right click on upper left corner
click on edit – paste
if you see the ssh key
copy it

to copy it
go to upper left corner
click on mark
select the ssh key
press enter to copy

(note if you see ssh with another username….logout, restart gitbash, use git global setup commands as follows

git config –global “sachin walvekar”
git config –global “”

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “$your_email”

cat ~/.ssh/

copy the ssh key to an editor and remove newlines….make it one single line

copy ssh link to gitbash

git remote -v
git remote add origin (copy the url)

git remove -v

origin – alias

git push origin master – Pushing the local content to remote. Master means branch.

click on gitlab

check the project & files

now change the content of txt file

git status

git add .

git commit -m “this is third line”

git status

git push origin master

part 2 –

got to project
add user
select as developer

cd e:

git clone url (add ssh url)

a directory with same name will be created on drive

change the content

save it

change diretory in git bash

git status

git add .

git commit -m “fourth line added”

git push orgin master

(this failed as access is only as developer

git remote add upstream ssh (fork copy ssh) – copy of project was created on Prasad walvekar repository on gitlab

git push upstream master

Now have to send merge request