chrome wordpress extension – wp write

Ideas for a post can crop up while browsing, and you may want to quickly turn information & ideas to a post. If so, then this may be just the functionality you are looking for…click a button on your browser bar and start writing. WP-Write extension makes this activity a breeze. Its very simple to set for your wordpress blog, needs a XML-RPC server path. But this is very easy to find. Here is an example.

check your wordpress path. If your WordPress root is, then you have:
Path: /wordpress/xmlrpc.php
complete URL that you need to insert in your  XML-RPC Endpoint settings:

Once set you are ready to go. At present it does not seem to saving the password for your blog account. I am checking with author & will post an update on this. Here is look at the settings panel and the basic functionality that it offers.