What goes into making of PHP web application.

Successfully developing PHP web application involves not only following software development methodologies but good client & developer communication. There are many technologies involved and at times its very difficult to explain to clients things that can be changed or cannot be, convince
them technological barriers during implementation, constraints in delivery & costs etc. I felt necessity of creating this brief slideshow, so as to make communicating with my clients easier. I thought if they understood what really went into translating their ideas to web applications even to a little extent, it could translate to better exchange of design issues, appreciation of development process, delivery time & cost issues. I have covered a in brief of basic Outline of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, versioning, deployment, waterfall & agile methodology, necessary software documentation.

I quickly put together information that I found on internet & here it is. Hope this helps clients & newbie developers too…

Please free to comment & critique about the slideshow, so I could make it better. Thanks!!