Mind Map for web site & web application design

Mind Mapping tools are an excellent way to capture your ideas and bring them all together to life in a neat visual form. A search for “Mind Mapping tools” on google will quickly bring you list of many tools available. There are –

a. open source tools such as XMIND for the desktop

b. Paid tools that also have a basic limited membership such as MINDMEISTER ( iPad & Android)

Click here to take me to MINDMEISTER.COM home page

I tried using MINDMEISTER and found it very easy to use. Its simple, start with a central idea and branch out using just the tab button. I quickly created and shared it with my client on google drive. There are also options to export the MindMap to your desktop.Here is a Mind Map of a website.


There are many added features in MINDMEISTER such as –

a. Collaboration in real time
b. Go back in time – Entire search history is store forever, so you can go back in time & see how it evolved.
c. Facility to export it as Microsoft word file, Microsoft power point presentation, PDF
d. Assign tasks
e. Assign icons, notes, comments, links, files.