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Pointing WordPress website’s domain to sub-directory

If you happened to fall on this tutorials by searching all over the internet about how to point your website’s domain to already existing sub-directory (where your wordpress is installed) then you’re at the right place.

So First thing first, go into your sub-directory and check if there is .htaccess file or not, if yes, then delete that file. more. . .

Setting up an environment on DeployBot

Using DeployBot you can setup multiple deployment environments and can setup these deployments to take place with either automatic or manual deployments. Automatic deployments are triggered whenever you push changes up to the repository.
Another good feature of using DeployBot is that it will keep track of deployments you make, this means when something goes wrong you can see exactly what commit broke the site. more. . .

Git Introduction and commands

Let’s begin introduction of Git by gaining an understanding of what it is, and what it can do for you.
Git is software that keeps track of changes that you make to files and directories, more. . .