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WordPress installation for newbies

Here is installation article on WordPress for Newbies-

If you are completely new to wordpress, then its good to play around wordpress on your local system before moving to host server. If in a hurry and sole aim is to write blogs, most web hosts have WordPress installation in their application section of control panel. All you need to do is follow couple of instructions and it automatically installs WordPress for you on your server. more. . .

Maintaining your website yourself using WordPress

It is very necessary to keep your website up-to-date for optimal visitor experience, that helps translate to business. This means having to change information from time to time and pay someone for maintenance work. Now if you can spare a little time, you can manage your website content yourself if its designed using WordPress. No knowledge of html or programming is necessary.
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Installing Multiple WordPress Blogs

This post would apply to anyone having a shared hosting having php, mysql and a database creation facility on any web host. I thought this article would be useful for newbies in wordpress development. I had already a blog installed on my portfolio website and since I was developing wordpress websites for my clients I wanted to have another wordpress testing site on my website server. Godaddy had provided me with 10 databases & I could surely spare one more for wordpress testing.
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Website hosting

Understanding three types of web hosting solutions offered –

Shared hosting

If you are a small business with relatively small number of visitors or no online sales, then shared website hosting is for you. Website hosting companies that focus on smaller businesses provide shared Website hosting. They are able to give very competitive prices as they host lots of Internet sites on a single server. This makes is typically affordable (under USD 10 per month)

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Website design process – Client briefing

This article is especially for clients who are developing a website for the first time. I have also included a list of tools for new website developers. Following the process of website design is critical to contributing meaningfully and for a successful internet marketing strategy. Well thought content, design & SEO (Search Engine optimization ) are your marketing tools on net, so pay attention more. . .

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